Turkish Roast™

SovereignGrounds™ Coffee beans meticulously selected among the finest Arabica beans to craft our distinctively unique, flagship brand, the Turkish Roast™, come from high mountains and rich soils featuring centuries-approved exotic flavor. Noted for its desirable low acidity and smooth richness, this medium-bodied exquisite blend delivers a lively, invigorating aroma and a delicately well-balanced flavor with the characteristic notes of a fine intense coffee and a naturally sweet, slightly fruity finish to the cup. If you like the conventional Italian Roast or French Roast, you will most certainly fall in love with the sophistication, robust personality, less-acidic chemistry, and intrinsically smoother taste of the medium-dark Turkish Roast™. If you'd like to treat yourself or guests to a cup of freshly brewed excellence, or if you'd like to purchase the highest-quality, Fair Trade and USDA Organic Certified coffee available worldwide directly from the leading Turkish-born roastmasters with recognized expertise and years of experience in perfecting the art of specialty coffee roasting, you're certainly at the right place. Selecting and purchasing among the top 5% of coffee beans produced in the world and custom roasting them in the traditional style in our small batch Turkish coffee roasters (custom-made in Turkey), we strive to deliver high-quality, distinct specialty coffee that is likely to fit your high expectations. Based on our unsolicited local customer feedback since its introduction in 1995, it's our promise to you that you will not be disappointed by our well-crafted, far-famed private blend, the Turkish Roast™.

Anatolian Roast™

In 2009, we introduced our private premium blend the Anatolian Roast™. We loved it and we had really high hopes for this medium-roasted, smooth 100% Arabica blend. But we did not know what kind of reception we would get. We couldn't be sure whether it would be as well-loved as our flagship brand, the Turkish Roast™. Now we can report to you for sure. We all love them both! We're selling them for $12.50 a pound (16 oz.). That's the same price we had when we introduced the Anatolian Roast™, and it is the same price for more than five years for the Turkish Roast™. Oh, by the way, that is the price before the 20% discount we mentioned above. And yes, in recent months there have been a string of high profile coffee price increases by top coffee chains, roasters and retailers. By absorbing the cost difference for as long as we can, we'd like to deliver a smooth experience at the cash register as well. You'll be also pleased to know that both blends contain nothing but 100% Fair Trade and USDA Organic Certified high quality coffee beans from the exotic mountains of South America. We roast daily and in limited quantities. This is to make sure that the coffee you take home is always fresh and its aroma is at its peak.

Turkish Roast™ for Turkish Coffee?

Turkish Coffee is famed for the way it is made. The world-famous designation —Turkish Coffee— simply refers to a style of coffee making rather than a type of beans or roast level. Whereas, our private blend Turkish Roast™ is the leading brand of roasted specialty coffee beans specifically crafted for and the preferred choice to make Turkish Coffee with. The best Turkish Coffee is made from freshly roasted, medium-dark, Arabica beans ground just before brewing to obtain the strongest aroma and flavor. The grinding is done using a mill (an electric or even an inexpensive hand mill), and the end result is a very fine coffee powder. Beans for Turkish Coffee are ground even finer than the grind used in espresso makers. It is indeed the finest grind of coffee used in any style of coffee making. The Turkish Roast™ beans by SovereignGrounds™ Coffee are an excellent choice to make delicious Turkish Coffee with (our roastmaster's preferred private blend, to say the least), provided that you are equipped with a proper mill. Please note that the ground Turkish Roast™ we currently offer is specifically ground (medium grind) for automatic drip coffee makers using paper filters, or those with a metal-mesh filter.

What is the Quality of the Turkish Roast™?

Image of beansSelecting and purchasing the highest quality green beans in the world is the first step that differentiates SovereignGrounds™ Coffee from the rest of the small specialty coffee roasters. This careful selection process begins with our importer, who is truly passionate about finding the best crops through frequent travels to farms in the Americas, Africa and the Southeast Asia. To ensure that individual shipments meet customers' expectations of bean quality and flavor, each imported lot goes through a rigorous testing process by a team of experts and scored according to the SCAA standard cupping protocols. The final score that the coffee receives should be between 80 and 100 points; anything below an 80 is rejected. Each top-quality, newly-arrived crop that is used to craft SovereignGrounds™ Coffee is then prudently selected by our roastmasters for the defining qualities that distinguish its origin and growing conditions. Coffee Roasting is said to be both a science and an art. Expertise, experience, and equipment selection also contribute to the final outcome. For instance, the traditional slow dry roasting process we employ is known to produce the best results as time-tested by generations, but it is not economically feasible for industrial roasters shipping large volumes of coffee. Our careful bean selection process and proprietary traditional roasting techniques illustrate our passion for offering the world's best coffee to our customers, albeit currently in limited quantities. We know what to expect out of every cup of specialty coffee, and we always take pride in consistently delivering top-quality, daily roasted specialty coffees to our customers.

SovereignGrounds™ Coffee Roasts & Blends

  • Anatolian Roast™
  • Turkish Roast™
  • French Roast
  • Italian Roast
  • Colombian
  • Costa Rican
  • House Espresso
  • House Decaf
  • Peruvian
  • Mexican Altura
  • Indian Mysore
  • Panama
  • Sumatra
  • Tanzanian Peaberry
  • Breakfast Blend

Wholesale Information

Our passion for perfecting the art of the perfect cup of specialty coffee has led us to create the Turkish Roast™ as a unique blend of the finest quality and most sought-after beans available. Through experience, study, and the selection and use of the centuries-tested traditional Turkish equipment and roasting methods, we are happy to bring this unique offering to coffee shops (large or small), restaurants, food services, other businesses and organizations (including non-profits, special events, sports and school fundraising projects), and all interested parties. No order is too small. We stand behind every pound of coffee we deliver. Moreover, we pass on the bulk rates of our available shipping network directly to our customers. High quality, convenient purchasing options, dependability and fair prices give every customer the confidence of an excellent cup of freshly brewed coffee from a trusted supplier. The Turkish Roast™ beans by SovereignGrounds™ Coffee certainly have all the necessary characteristics and the name recognition to prove to be an exciting exotic choice to add to your menu selection. We offer both wholesale pricing and quantity discounts. For more information, please contact us via email.