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Sovereign Grounds™ Coffee

Sovereign Grounds™ Coffee Company is a retailer, roaster and brand of specialty coffee since 1995. Our uniquely distinct coffee selection comes from the highest quality, 100% Arabica green coffee beans roasted on site in our custom-made, time-tested, traditional roasters imported from Turkey. We roast daily so our beans are always guaranteed to be fresh.

Hakan SazarMeet Hakan

Sovereign Grounds Playground & Coffeehouse is owned and operated by Hakan Sezer. An MBA/Environmental Engineer by education, Hakan immigrated to the United States from Ankara, Turkey in 1988 and has successfully made coffee his business in Minnesota for over 20 years. Before Sovereign Grounds, Hakan and his wife Kris (proud parents of 3 boys) owned and operated two major coffeeshops in downtown Minneapolis. Sovereign Grounds, already a well-established coffeeshop in the early 1990s, re-opened its doors in 1995 by Hakan and Kris as the first parent-friendly coffeehouse in the Minneapolis - St. Paul metro area, implementing the unique concept of combining an indoor playground with a traditional, community-oriented neighborhood café.

Fair Trade and USDA Organic Certificates

As a principle, our business has been committed to the practice of transparency. Sovereign Grounds Coffee Fair Trade and Organic green bean certification information as provided to us with each crop are available for inspection. We thank our valued customers for their continuous support to improve conditions for coffee farmers around the world through Fair Trade, and we look forward to continuing our product offers to support these efforts and organic farming practices. By guaranteeing minimum floor prices and social premiums, Fair Trade, a market-based model of international trade, enables coffee producers to invest in their farms and communities and protect the environment. In reality, the concept of Fair Trade is much more than a fair price. For more information and recent developments, please visit transfairusa.org.